Lars Tov Soeftestad

soeftestadLars Soeftestad is a social anthropologist and has worked in international development cooperation since more than 30 years. He is the Coordinator in CBNRM Networking (,

CBNRM Networking works on sustainable natural resource management in developing and transition economies. The activities takes place within broader cross-cutting concerns, including democratization, governance, participation, and transparency, as connected with the dynamic relations between stakeholders in public sector, civil society and private sector. Its work is strongly focused around inter-disciplinary work. Three main concerns underlie the activities: capacity building, communication and knowledge management.

CBNRM Networking works primarily through virtual communication, built around decentralized local (real-time) and regional and global (virtual) networks. Interaction with and between users and practitioners in its global Community of Practice takes place through dedicated communication and networking tools, including websites and social/business media platforms. CBNRM Networking is an NGO registered in Norway.

Lars Soeftestad is founder and CEO, Supras Ltd. (, two consulting forms registered in Bulgaria and Norway.